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HIT Bodies is an all inclusive online fitness program run by me, Chelsey Pleasant and I get a ton of help from my girl, Jenn Maus


In 2017 when I started HIT Bodies, I took EVERYTHING people loved about my online training and turned it into an all inclusive membership website with a stronger community and a fraction of the price! It allowed me to give someone a plan every single day, regardless of what life threw at them. 

  • 5 new gym workouts a week 
  • 5 new home workout videos a week (and i'm doing EVERYTHING with you! And showing modifiers of course!)
  • Nutrition guidance & alllll my fave recipes 
  • Access to the exclusive #hitfam community, where you have all the motivation & support daily!
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"I’m all about timing & HIT Bodies came during a time of my life that I was ready & needing change. I had thought about joining many times before, but for whatever reason didn’t. After two pregnancies fairly close together & the pandemic hitting I definitely needed something for me.


I’ve slowly started gaining back confidence in myself although there have been a lot of ups and downs this past year or so. HIT Bodies has definitely been an up that I’ve needed. I’ve met so many beautiful souls through this program & have formed wonderful friendships!"


Michaela Mehaffey

"Starting HIT Bodies was the best investment towards a healthier future for myself. I was 1 year postpartum. I had followed Chelsey for about a year at that point and it finally clicked. I could sit around and be unhappy with my body and yo yo dieting or I could address the issues that I was dealing with and make real changes.

I am so proud of what I have accomplished in 1 year with HIT Bodies. I owe Chelsey so much. Not only does she provide new awesome workouts everyday but she provides a community full of friendship and encouragement. I have found a new BFF who I would’ve never interacted with if not for this program. Also I finally found my confidence again and husband has been loving it I’m also just becoming a woman who knows she can do hard things and loves challenging herself."


Alexis Owen

"Before I joined HIT Bodies I was living my life not thinking about what I ate or what movement I got. I was tired and cranky and uncomfortable in my own skin. Since joining I've built lifelong habits that will help me continue to make progress in my physical and emotional health. I am setting an example for my kids and teaching them how to be healthy themselves. 

I have found a way to eat that I can sustain forever and have a better understanding of and relationship with food. I’ve built habits around my food and worked through getting rid of emotional eating. I proved to myself that I have what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. I look and feel amazing and still have that fire to keep going."


Kate Dupras

"I had followed Chelsey for about a year on Instagram while I was actively doing beachbody workouts before I actually decided to join. I was battling my postpartum body, and I had no support while doing workouts at home. Chesley had just had a baby and I reached out to her, on a personal level, and she responded right away, to me, a total stranger. It was in that moment I told myself I have to workouts with her even if she can't workout yet!

Fast forward 2.5 years and I'm still with HIT Bodies. Chelsey has created a program that honestly fits everyone's lifestyle. I'm walking proof of that with being a working mamma of 3. The knowledge Chelsey has and continues to share daily has helped me form into the women I am, physically and mentally. I am happy to say that I'm finally at a place that I'm no longer scared of food. I have learned that these foods I use to look away from is what's making me stronger. I am so grateful for this community. "Booty so big they think it's fake" 


Jessica Berg

Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life in under 40 mins a day?


Join HIT Bodies NOW👇🏼

Let's get started!!



  • Daily workouts with Chelsey and live feedback! Training with Chelsey in a small group training atmosphere 5 days a week would be at minimum, $600 a month. With HIT Bodies, you get this luxury in your home at a fraction of the cost! 
  • Nutrition coaching would typically be at least $150 a month, but at HIT Bodies, we provide nutrition guidance that is customizable to your lifestyle and goals. The toughest part is accountability and we do everything in our power to keep you on track! 
  • Save your $$ on supplements - HIT Bodies isn't here to sell or recommend hundreds of dollars of supplements. We're here to educate and empower you to maximize your health with whole foods & consistent exercise. We all have been sold the lie that supplements unlock your fitness goals but the truth is - your healthiest self is on the other side of consistency. 
  • Like-minded communities are difficult to find, but we have one waiting for you at HIT Bodies. Amazing women who will cheer you on every step of the way and call you out when you need it. 

TOTAL VALUE = $850+ a month

 HIT Bodies is less than $1 a day 


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